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financial control

Establishing a Controlling framework

Establishing a set of internal procedures and controls is pivotal to sustaining the financial health of your company. Such a framework also requires both deep understanding of international accounting standards and extensive industry experience. Our team can guide you to tailor the industry best practices to your specific business needs.

Controlling accounting operations

Our financial control will ensure that all financial transactions are accurately recorded= Furthermore we’ll guarantee that they’re compliant with both your internal procedures and the international accounting standards. For example, checking the accuracy of data entry ensures its correct positioning on the balance sheet or P&L. In case of deviations, these will be corrected and duly reported to the management (please refer to section reporting).

Identify deviations

The goal of financial controlling is not only to identify and correct errors in the accounting process, but also to ensure the senior management has an accurate view of the company’s financial health. Our financial controllers help you identify deviations from your established internal financial systems by:

  • Analyzing all data from your bookkeeping and comparing entries with the primary accounting documentation
  • Delivering a detailed custom report with all deviations
  • Make suggestions how to establish internal controls and avoid further errors/ deviations (continuous improvement roadmap)
Ledger balancing

Ledger balancing

Analyzing all data from your bookkeeping and accounting and comparing entries with the balance sheet.

Error hunt

Correctly identifying all possible errors, losses and profits.


Delivering detailed custom reports with all information and data analysis.

Financial advice

Additional financial strategy and planning can be requested to boost your company profits.

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