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Which financial statements are mandatory?

According to the international accounting standards, the following set of reports is mandatory for each company:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Statement of Equity

Our experienced accountants can help you stay on top of all legal and compliance requirements.

What are the benefits of having a management accountant?

The goal of management accounting is to provide valuable insights about the performance of your business. A good management accountant can help you identify things like:

  • Which products or segments of your business are most profitable and how to leverage on them;
  • Which suppliers are crucial for the pricing of your products/ services and how to frame the agreements with them;
  • Which clients have a tendency for late payments and constitute a risk for you cash flow management;
  • What deviations to expect from your budget and how to mitigate negative influence on your operations.

When do I need a CFO?

The CFO is a not necessarily a role needed only in large organizations. If you are a small or medium enterprise seeking to grow or facing financial challenges, an experienced CFO can help you achieve your goals. A CFO can help you improve the financial health of your company and support you in the planning and execution of an expansion. In a nutshell, a CFO is a professional who can guide you how to use financial resources to achieve your business goals.

I need a specific report – can you create it for me?

Yes, we can! Thanks to our proprietary cloud solution, we can create any report and a meaningful visual representation to it. If you need a one-time or a recurring (bi-weekly, monthly, annual) report reach out to our team and discuss your needs – we are happy to offer you a concrete solution.

Is my financial data safe on your cloud solution?

We apply utmost care and the latest cloud security technologies to ensure the privacy of your data. Our team has experience in working with large international clients operating under multiple jurisdictions and handling sensitive data. A series of recurring trainings ensures we are aware and compliant with the highest professional and ethical standards.

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